Antonis Vlachos is a musician, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer from Greece. His musical journey starts in1998, which until now he has participated in bands with music influences from Pop, Rock, Funk, Blues, Soul up to Metal.

He is also the lead singer of the Modern Rock band 3Fold Pain, in which the 6 years of existence, has toured in Greece and Italy, has released an EP, a 7inch vinyl album and a full length one. In 2013 3Fold Pain signed a recording contract with the American company “Turkey Vulture Records” for the release of their debut album which is worldwide available through the: Turkey Vulture Records / Bungalo Records / Universal Music Group Distribution (USA).

The last five years Antonis presents a Loop project, which creates musical compositions using many different musical instruments including: guitar, bass, ukulele, keyboards, violin, harmonica, percussion, cajon and beat-boxing.

His resume lists several successful appearances in hangouts and music venues throughout Greece and Cyprus. He has also made appearances in Pubs in Cardiff, Edinburgh, Dublin, Berlin.

Within 2017 he is expected to present his debut album, ranging in genre: RnB, Neo Soul, Pop.

His theatrical debut was the participation in the Rock Opera “Oi kampanes tou Edelweiss” by Nikos Karvelas, directed by John Kakleas and starring Anna Vissi.

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