Stavros is the founder of The Cube Workspace, Athens’ largest co-working community, which hosts some of Greece’s best experts in technology.  The Cube is also home to most of Athens’ technology events, hackathons, innovation sessions and training events. Through coding and business bootcamps, Stavros and The Cube are creating the next generation of top tier coders and businessmakers.

Prior to this Stavros had cofounded Greece’s first coworking community, coLab Athens. Stavros is also a member of the Startup Weekend – Global Facilitation Team.

Stavros has been involved with Startup Weekend since 2009, having facilitated over 20 events around the world in countries such as Germany, Cyprus, Greece, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Moldova.

Stavros’ first business was founded at a Startup Weekend. Stavros also represents The European Pirate Summit, one of Europe’s best known niche business events where tech industry professionals meet. Stavros has lead this event as Lead Facilitator since 2013.

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